Stone Trust Finance Bank’s Digital Toolbox

Business Payments and Receivables

At Stone Trust Finance Bank, we understand that cash flow and the ability to send and receive funds securely, easily and quickly is important to your business. Our digital toolbox has the tools necessary to pay your employees and receive funds from your customers – without leaving your desk.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

Electronically Pay or Receive Money from Multiple Parties

ACH Origination allows your company to generate batch credit or debit transactions through business Online Banking. Whether you’d like to pay your employees by direct deposit, or debit your tenants electronically, ACH Origination may be your business solution.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Panini ScannerScan your Check Deposits to the Bank from your Desktop

RDC allows you the ability to scan checks for deposit from your office by transmitting a digital file through a secure website. We provide the toaster-size scanner as part of the service.

Online Wire Transfers

Originate Wire Transfers through Online Banking

Does your business regularly send wire transfers? Stone Trust Finance Bank allows one-time and recurring wires, both foreign and domestic, through our business Online Banking wire service portal.

Positive Pay Check Reconciliation

Fraud is on the rise, are you protected?

With Stone Trust Finance Bank's Positive Pay service, you can help protect your account with daily, automated monitoring for unauthorized checks attempting to clear your account. This quick detection allows you to return unauthorized checks quickly, and take action  to secure your account information from additional fraud.

To use Positive Pay, business customers import an issued check file to the bank through Online Banking any time checks are issued. As checks clear the account, the check information is matched to the information in the issued check file. If no match is found, the check is marked as an exception and an email alert is sent to the customer. The customer can then log into Online Banking to view the exception item and make the decision to pay or return the check in question.

Cash Management services may be subject to credit approval.  Fees may apply.  For more information regarding any of these Cash Management services, call Cash Management Customer Support at (831) 264-4003.


Merchant Card Services

Credit Card Processing

Acceptance of credit cards is a necessity for most businesses.  Pricing and quality of service from merchant card service providers can vary widely. Stone Trust Finance Bank offers merchant card processing through third-party vendors we know and trust. Call a Client Services Representative at your local Stone Trust Finance Bank branch for more information.

Branch Locations

EMV Chip Cards

Learn how the microchip in our debit cards adds a new layer of protection against fraud for purchases made at the point of sale.

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